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Since our establishment in 2009, Lock and Load Firearms and Sporting Goods maintains its status as one of the leading gun stores in the Philippines. We are known to offer the largest selection of firearms available in the market, and we have expanded our role in sharing our knowledge on responsible firearm handling through our Indoor Shooting Range. Here, with the help of our licensed instructors, we offer basic and advanced training to individuals who are eager to learn about firearms.

Lock n Load Sportswear is the clothing brand of Lock and Load Firearms and Sporting Goods. Over the years, Lock n Load has built its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality sportswear, especially in the field of IPSC shooting. We use only the finest microfiber polyester (commonly known as dri-fit) material available in the market in order to come up with shirts that will stretch, fit, contour, and help you bring out the best in your sporting performance.

We have continuously evolved as a manufacturer of sports apparel. Aside from shooting sportswear, we also produce golf shirts with UV-rays protection to ensure that you get protected no matter how long you stay under the sun. We also design and produce basketball jerseys, volleyball outfit, and other clothing for outdoor sports activities. Many of our customers request for customized shirt designs, which we are very much happy to do. In fact, we have created shirts and uniforms for several masonic lodges. Whatever team you are on, we are confident that our designs will definitely represent your group’s spirit and togetherness.

As we continuously improve our products and services, Lock n Load aims to achieve its goal of total customer satisfaction.


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