Get Your License(LTOPF)

Steps on how to acquire your License To Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF):

Step 1: Secure documentary requirements.


 Download LTOPF Application Form (PDF)

IMPORTANT: All documents that you’ve secured will be uploaded by us, so please don’t lose your account details.

Step 2: Choose the type of LTOPF you want to go with.

Type 1 LTOPF Maximum of 2 firearms PHP 6,500
Type 2 LTOPF Maximum of 5 firearms PHP 7,500
Type 3 LTOPF Maximum of 10 firearms PHP 8,500
Type 4 LTOPF Maximum of 15 firearms PHP 10,500
Type 5 LTOPF More than 15 firearms PHP 15,500
Note: Packages include Gun Safety Seminar Certificate, Neuro Testing, and Drug Testing.

Step 3: Attend the Gun Safety Seminar.

Our range officers will conduct your gun safety seminar inside our indoor range facility.

Step 4: Drug Test and Neuro-Psychiatric Test

These tests require a mandatory appearance in FEO OSS. We will guide and assist you in taking these tests inside FEO, Camp Crame. These may take some time and we suggest that you plan ahead.

Step 5: Done!

Note: Results May take up to 2 weeks or depending on FEO’s current processing capacity. You can always check your account regarding the status of your LTOPF.